Underwater Treadmill

We now have an underwater treadmill to assist Dr. Jo Lynn Lamczyk with rehabilitation and physical therapy. Underwater treadmills are used for recovery after orthopedic surgeries for animals with arthritis, and for animals that need to lose weight.

This is a treadmill that the animal steps into and then the water is filled based on the size of the dog and the desired intensity of the exercise. Hydrotherapy takes advantage of water’s buoyancy to provide a low impact workout. This low impact workout is ideal for:

  • Patients recovering from orthopedic injuries and surgeries, getting them back to ambulating correctly and more quickly.
  • Decreasing pain, both from arthritis in older dogs or post injury/surgery.
  • Increasing range of motion of affected joints
  • Increasing circulation
  • Exercising atrophied or paralyzed muscles
  • Increasing balance and helping with coordination, especially after injuries
  • Giving older, obese, and/or painful and arthritic animals the ability to exercise when exercising on the ground is too much for them
  • Starting obese animals on weight loss exercises. This form of exercise is a little easier to get them started exercising, especially for large and/or painful animals.

Our treadmill is capable of varying speeds, incline, and the belt can go either direction—no matter which way your pet wants to walk!

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