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Lamczyk Veterinary Clinic

Lamczyk Veterinary Clinic has added a communications software for our clients. We can now provide you with the ability to:

1. Schedule appointments online: You are not simply requesting an appointment and waiting for a call back like with the previous software. You are scheduling your appointment as available. Please note that some types of appointments are NOT available for online scheduling.

2. Appointment reminders: You can receive appointment reminders and confirm the appointments via text message or e-mail for your convenience.

3. Pet Portal app: You will be able to view your pet’s vaccination status, request refill medications, etc. You can also update information such as your pet’s birth date.

4. Text messages: We can send you a text to let you know your pet is out of surgery or your prescription is ready to pick up.

5. You can choose the method in which you prefer to be contacted: email, text, or phone. Simply opt out of any method you wish not to receive communications via.

Please speak with a staff member to make sure we have your current e-mail and cell number if you would like to use this service. Lamczyk Veterinary Clinic is hopeful this will help you with your pet’s health care needs.

Link to App:

If you previously had the Pet Desk app, you should have already received a welcome email with the links to schedule and link to download the app.

Some tips for scheduling your appointments:
–Appointments scheduled online can only be 2 or more days in advance. If you need a more urgent appointment (like today or tomorrow), please call the office.

–To schedule large animal appointments, surgeries, and some other kind of appointments, you will still need to call the office. If you do not see the options you need, please call the office.

–If you need to schedule for vaccines but also have something you would like the doctor to look at while you are already here (check ears, check mouth, check skin, etc.); PLEASE choose the medical evaluation instead of the vaccinations. This will allow the properly allotted time to be scheduled. Vaccinations are set for shorter times because it is assumed there are no issues and your pet is otherwise healthy. Medical evaluations are set for longer so that we have the time to thoroughly examine and discuss the issue in addition to giving your pet his/her vaccinations.

–Just because the online appointments are full for a certain day, doesn’t necessarily mean we are booked for that day. If you do not see an appointment available, please call the office and they can help you.

We hope that you find this new software helpful in managing your pet’s healthcare needs.

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